Pssst… hears Maroela’s pet chicken ran away this week and was spotted roaming around outside the university’s main entrance, but that it was back at Maroela by Thursday afternoon. Love is in the air apparently: Pssst… hears there’s talk of a Madelief first year getting more than familiar with an Olympus HK. Apparently Madelief and Olympus have decided to take their Rag partnership to new, previously illegitimate heights. And apparently Boekenhout and Madelief’s Culture Externals are an item. Hmmm, Pssst… finds it quite coincidental that this power couple managed to ensure the Serrie win for their reses. It’s ontheffing season, and Pssst… quite enjoyed the show. One of the Maroela first years got so drunk after they got ontheffed that he gave a couple of Katjiepiering girls a striptease performance – the full monty. The Katjiepiering girls, who’ve been deprived of any attention from the Maroela men for so long, asked for an encore, which the Maroela first year was more than happy to provide. Speaking of stripteases, some Jasmyn girls took full advantage of their ontheffing by marching to the Square in their skimpiest outfits. They were later spotted doing the walk of shame back to res, heels in tow. Pssst… will admit, though, that we have been looking forward to the new generation of Lilium and Jasmyn girls to show face at the Square. Pssst… hopes the girls live up their names this year. Meanwhile, Boekenhout, still high off their record-breaking jottir reaping, tried to pick a fight with a campus car guard. Pick on someone your own size, né? Like Lilium, maybe. Pssst… hears the girls got up close and personal with Rodney the Rhino during a recent res rally. Olienhout maybe you should work on your surveillance skills. Maybe the Houte are holding out for the Lilium girls. Sorry boys, but it seems the green-clad girls prefer the Kiaat men, after Pssst… witnessed some of the girls making their way to the Kiaat first-year dinee in nothing but their underwear, or so it seemed. Some things never change, but Pssst… just wants to tell you Houte, you can do way better. As for Kiaat, Pssst… expects that from them, their standards aren’t particularly high, but then again, when Lilium makes it so easy how can they refuse, right?

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