Speaking of Kiaat, they headed up the list of residences whose prize pool could be carried one-handed. Pssst… thinks that Katjiepiering should be wary of wrinkles as the sour faces they were sporting could curdle milk. It’s good to aim high ladies, but the one prize you won is still higher than your historical average, of zero. Pssst… would like to make special of mention of one-prize-winners Lilium and Jasmyn for bringing up the rear. The view from behind is just as good as the view from the top, Pssst… promises.

Boekenhout shocked everyone by finally placing first in something. They must be relieved to finally hand the almost-there mantle over to Taaibos, who came second so often that Pssst… could swear they were doing it on purpose. Other surprises of the evening included Sonop winning an award for academics. It’s surprising how far bribes can get you in the world, although Pssst… doubts that’s how Asterhof managed to win something. Pssst… doubts that their legendary snobbery would allow them to sink to such depths, but desperation has been known to stranger things to residences. Just look at Kollege, who took their entire res on stage to claim their awards in a bid to make a statement. Pssst… does not know what that statement is, and Pssst… doubts that Kollege does, either.

Pssst… would like to make a public service announcement for Curlitzia. Ladies, please start doing things other than winning prizes. Watching you continually walk up and down at Prestige was as boring as your first-years.

Pssst… feels that Nerina should send a big shout-out to Naledi. Naledi cheered more for Nerina’s awards than Nerina have ever cheered for themselves. Someone had to, though, as Nerina was away being average at their dinee.

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