If you’re looking for lessons though, Pssst… thinks you should just ask the Houte. Pssst… would like to know if Olympus has made friends with Vividus Men. Those outfits were a traumatising throwback to Serrie 2014. It seems like Curlitzia has taught Taaibos how to flash their way to success. Pssst… has just one question for their back row though: do you even lift, bro? Pssst… was so bored by Erika’s bath time theme that Pssst… thought the spectators would have appreciated a cold shower afterwards just to wake them up. Pssst… wasn’t surprised by Kollege’s cen­tenary year theme. Pssst… would just like to add that the black togas made the Vremies look like they’re in mourning more than celebrating. Asterhof scared the men away as usual with their lumberjack theme. Pssst… would like to remind Asterhof that you can’t be a trouvrou if there aren’t any men around. Pssst… is glad to see that Boekenhout has broken their second place streak by placing fourth. Pssst… thinks they should have a chat to Katjiepiering about how to bribe your way into the top three.

Even though Ienkmelodienk is over, residences should be warned not to relax as Pssst… has eyes everywhere and will certainly be back next week. 

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