Over-achieving Curlitzia is hoping to teach Taaibos how to win something this year. Pssst… is doubtful. Don’t worry, Curlitzia, Pssst… hears Taaibos is quite in touch with their emotional side and will be quite willing to comfort you.

Magrietjie and Mopanie are set to Rag together. Pity Mags seems to be spending more time in the Maroela clubhouse since the Inca girls don’t want to sokkie with them. Pssst… feels Maroela should think themselves fortunate. A Groenkloof Rag partner isn’t promising anyway.

Pssst... is wondering what Nerina are going to do now that DropZone is closed. It’s a bit more of a drive to get to the stripper poles at Flamingo’s. Pssst… suggests carpooling with Jasmyn. You ladies can keep it classy together.

At least Nerina and Jasmyn actually go out, unlike Asterhof. Pssst… would like to remind the Sterretjies that you actually have to talk to men to become a ‘trou vrou’.

Pssst… would like to make a comment about Madelief but Pssst… hasn’t seen them since 2012.

TuksVillage are also no where on the map but that may just be because they’re not a real res. But Pssst… won’t say too much incase Pssst… gets another angry letter.

From anger to love, Pssst… hears Lillium is quite keen on Olympus all of a sudden. Olympus should be glad the Geitjies live so far away, Pssst… hears Lillium can get quite stalkerish.

Sonop is one of the oldest residences at Tuks. However, they’re not quite one hundred years yet. Maybe next time, Sonop.

Pssst… would like to congratulate Kollege on their 100 year drinking problem. It appears bad habits stick to them like velcro. On that note, Pssst… would like to know if you’ve managed to shake Katjiepiering off yet?

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