Pssst… saw a Sonop first year fall off his bicycle on campus the other day. Pssst… can’t help but wonder if this is an omen for yet another fall from grace. Another one for the history books, Sonop.

Pssst… has seen that Mopanie seems to be running their own PR agency through two-week flings purely to promote Oesdag, even though many Mopanie men are boycotting Oesdag for Boekenhout’s International Africa Day. Katjiepiering clearly doesn’t think much of Mopanie’s Oesdag plans; they seem to have acquired a few more sunflower seeds than they used to have. Katjiepiering showed that they still don’t have much of a spine when it comes to the male resses. Olienhout managed to convince a few of the Katte to perform their Serrie routine. Pssst… thinks the Katjiepiering ladies are so embarrassed by their performance that they’re taking all the approval they can get, even if it is from Olienhout.

Pssst… is also not very impressed with Olympus. While Olympus was partying it up at Eastwoods, Pssst… was trying to sleep. Clearly Olympus doesn’t think passing exams is necessary.

Apparently the Hatfield Studios HK have annoyed their house members even further. Perhaps if Hatfield Studios actually had a house meeting, they would realise that house members are unhappy about the number of socials.

Pssst… is questioning the resses intentions of donating blood – are you doing it to win a competition or to save a life? Pssst… has heard that Klaradyn is taking it further by making it a floor competition as well. Pssst… recommends everyone reads the pamphlets on “are you donating for the right reasons?” which are available at all blood drives.

Pssst… thinks that Asterhof and Klaradyn need to focus more on anything else other than their ladies’ sleepwear and short skirts. Pssst… has heard that they think they will distract the other ladies in their own resses. Pssst… thinks that they should be focusing on their Serrie performances to try redeem themselves from their poor placement last year. No one really cares what you wear anyway.

Pssst… is not even going to bother reminding the resses to behave during Serrie. Pssst… quite enjoys uncovering the tasty morsels of juicy gossip.

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