This year, the length of the girls’ skirts continued to be as short as their inhibitions. Pssst… wonders if Katjiepiering assume that they will be scored as high as their skirts were hitched? As for Erika, Pssst… thinks that it’s high time that the girls spent more time and money on improving their reputation than they do on their costumes, sound and lighting. Pssst… wants to tell Nerina that the only support they needed during Serrie were bras.

While some reses were scared by Nerina’s lack of support, Pssst… can’t decide if it was Maroela’s scary theme or their twerking skills that petrified girls. Olympus also tried really hard to be scary but Klaradyn perfected it just by being themselves. Pssst… hears that Klaradyn were so jealous of the gifts that Katjiepiering got the boys’ reses that they turned the psycho switch on and decided to smash them the gifts to pieces mid-performance.

Curlitzia were as unimaginative as Vividus Ladies were with their theme and unoriginally chose to be lifeguards as an excuse to give mouth to mouth to all the res guys. Pssst… thinks it’s a pity that Curlitzia couldn’t manage to revive Taaibos, though, because their Serrie the following night was as lifeless as DropZone on a Monday night. Pssst… thinks that even Kollege’s humming performance for Asterhof was more exciting.

Some Serrie performances were proof that teamwork isn’t always successful. Pssst… saw this when Olienhout dropped one of their residents mid-throw and when Boekenhout decided that Serrie was the perfect opportunity to practice their solo auditions for Idols.

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