Pssst… suggests Kollege and Taaibos find a way to release their pent up anger. The reses played a football match that got a little too aggressive. Pssst… was looking forward to a good brawl, but was left disappointed because all that the boys were brave enough to do was swear at each other. It might be time for Kollege to man up as it seems as if Taaibos are stealing Katjiepiering’s hearts.

Pssst… heard about the almighty tantrum Kollege threw when they heard that Katjiepiering snubbed an invite to a social in favour of Taaibos. Don’t worry, Kollege, it’s not like the Katte won’t come crawling back when they find out that Taaibos aren’t that exciting. Kollege and Taaibos aren’t the only angry men’s reses. Olienhout are apparently so upset with their new Rag partners Lilium. Pssst… would be angry too, but it’s not as if Lilium scored.

Pssst… doesn’t think that Mopanie and Magrietjie’s Rag partnership has got off to a good start. It might be spring but the atmosphere at their social at Livingstones last week was icy cold. Pssst… is relieved that they weren’t at Dropzone. They still don’t want strippers there, Magrietjie.

Boekenhout and Maroela’s first years were ontheffed last week. Pssst… noticed that it wasn’t only the Ysters and Jarre throwing their names away in Dropzone. Pssst… saw the newly-elected HK proving that they’re responsible, up-standing individuals all over the Square.

Maroela got more than they bargained for when Madelief serenaded them. Pssst… knows you’re ambitious and everything, Madelief, but next time limit SRC campaigning.

Pssst… would like to suggest to the men’s reses that they stop trying their luck with Jasmyn, since the girl’s don’t seem to like boys any more.

Pssst… hears that Vividus Men and Vividus Ladies are feeling a bit left out. Pssst… would recommend that they try harder next time but Pssst… isn’t sure if that’s even possible. Pssst… doesn’t think the day houses should worry too much though. Things could be worse – you could be TuksVillage.

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