The Gauteng Department of Health (DOH), according to various media reports, are experiencing financial difficulties. Coetzee said that SHS could not get some contraceptive treatments because Pregnancies at UP increase the DOH was unable to provide these treatments. Coetzee said that they do receive contraceptive treatments, but these treatments are not enough.

However, she said that these difficulties are not the main reason for the increase in positive pregnancies at UP. Students who are pregnant can be assisted by the SHS. Coetzee explained that they offer assistance to pregnant students and their partners and provide them with various options. In some cases, the students are referred to the AMATO Pregnancy Counselling Centre or to UP’s Student Counselling Services. Perdeby previously reported that UP started a condom distribution programme. Condoms will be available from condom dispensers in campus toilets by the end of May. Students seeking advice related to pregnancies can contact the Student Health Services on (012) 420 2500/6588. Students can also contact AMATO on (012) 342 3452.


Infographic: Elmarie Kruger and Ditebogo Tshaka