By Kutlwano Mokgoro


In this concrete jungle, truly, I tell you

I am being hunted. Hunted.

I have been dethroned, no longer the queen;

Queen of the jungle.

I am now, but a mere second class citizen

In my own country.


A divided country

The prey and the predators

This is a war; my kind seems to be losing

We are being poached

For the jewel in between our thighs

Seen as objects, prized possessions


Our screams fall on deaf ears

Bruises ignored, turning a blind eye

“I saw nothing” says the friend of the wolf

A wolf in disguise, he said he’d protect me

He’s the reason for my pain

Hear my screams, you cannot ignore me forever


I beseech you, see my tears

See my busted lip and bruised skin

Look down

See the red sea flowing down my thighs

Look up

Don’t you see – I am human too


Every breath I take

Every step I take

I know could be the last

They are watching, thirsting for me

I am on the verge, the edge


Of extinction.


Our Father Who art in Heaven

Hallowed be thy name

Give us this day, our daily protection

And forgive them their trespasses

For they do not know what they are doing

Deliver us from evil.


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