I lay in my bed every night

Hearing the sounds of parties rise

I feel desperate and alone

Broken and have but a bone

I have no money

No friends

I can see.

The despair,

Never ends.

I want to go out,

I want to have fun,

But Covid and lack of cash

Really makes my day trash.

We lost people,

We all paid a dear price

Locked up, like little mice,

Not being able to see

The people we love.

Missing our friends, our family.

Slowly losing our sanity.

Just wait and see.

Things will get lighter.

NSFAS will start paying your fees.

Covid will get better.

Again, we’ll start living with ease.

You’ll get your university letter.

The sickness will start to wane.

Together, we’ll get through the pain.

We are stronger as a team,

With no reason to be mean


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