— Smile Victor

Find oneself lost between pages

Where boundaries of the territory is set by the ink

Through the author’s thoughts, ink sets one’s world

Far beyond the ink

Wonders fill the mind

Blind we become

The thought of being lost overwhelms our mind

As more thoughts overflows the mind

The mysteries in the ink start to become a blur

Yet still lost in between the lines.

Far beyond the words and,

Through the invisible eyes of the author

Tracks were laid

beyond the thoughts and the lines,

There lies secrets to self-discovery,

creating the world through the words, picture

and colour into existence.

Where the way to self-discovery lies



— Elmaire Kruger

Wolves are hungry

Wolves are feared

They’ll eat your heart and drink your tears

Wolves will tear you

Limb from limb

Licking at your nose, your chin

But wolf of forest

Wolf of stream

These are not the wolves I mean

Wolves can be your deepest fears

Wolves can be your closest dears.



— Blessing Maluleke

Africa an enchanting continent.

Africa a diverse continent.

Creator’s art you are,

alluring to those who look at you from a distance.

Mother nature you are.

You are beauty in its finest,

you are the rose.

Your flaws and imperfections make you who you are

but amongst all you remain the love at first sight.

I mean you are the sheen,

you are a rainbow nation.

You are sui generis.

Ungu mama africa.