I am an African

By Koketso Jan Ndlovu


I’m part of the long Nile River,

I’m endless but a quiver

Whom nail rocks and soil upriver

Then I lie on African land, mountains’ ancestor


We sweat chalk that scratch our faces,

Push rocks like beetle,

Break barks like Elephant’s tusks,

Ran for our lives like gazelle,

A soulful bird that sings anthems


My words lie on rims of calabash,

Bottom tastes like African drought lands

Corn and seeds melt like mass on quicksand

Outside, Cultures paint customs and history

Legends drank ripe vintage


If they ask about Africa, burnt it

I’m ember that flies on top of fire

A coal they mined and make wishes from

Mosaic of fire that looks like joint countries.


PDBY publishes poetry submitted by University of Pretoria students. Submissions can be sent to editor@pdby.co.za. All submissions can be read at pdby.co.za.

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