Monday, 13 March marked the commencement of the Student Sport Basketball League. The season will be jam packed with action as 23 teams from various residences, faculty houses and societies participate. PDBY spectated the final two games played on Court A. 

Erica vs Zinnia

The ladies were on each other’s heels from the first whistle. Both teams made great use of turnover opportunities to rack up points in the first half. Erica played with a strong physical defence well into the second half, but they were outdone by Zinnia, who scored the winning points in the final seconds of the game. While the highlight of the game was the three-pointer from Zinnia, it was an overall compelling event.

The Tower vs House Ukuthula

The first half saw The Tower players manoeuvre skillfully around a sturdy Ukuthula defence, and the ball remained in The Tower’s possession for the majority of the first half. However, this start did not deter Ukuthula, who came into the second half with a ‘One, two, three. Hustle!’ attitude. Both sides had great build-ups in their plays but were unable to sink any of their shots. With the clock ticking down, The Tower were able to score a two-pointer to win the game. 


Court A Court B Court C Court D
Erica vs House Mags

8 – 12

Zinnia vs EBIT

10 – 0

Asterhof vs Curelitzia

2 – 18

Madelief vs House Nala

14 – 5

College vs East Village

East Village forfeited, resulting in an automatic win for College.

EBIT vs House Mags

EBIT forfeited, resulting in automatic win for Mags

Law House vs Blossoms Delight

8 – 4

House Nala vs Curelitzia

10 – 22

Erica vs Zinnia

8 – 10

House Tau vs Tirisano

8 – 9

Asterhof vs Madelief

6 – 4

The Tower vs House Ukuthula

10 – 8

Mopane vs NAT House

17 – 8

Morula vs The Thrive

21 – 11

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