Ashleigh Nefdt and Lorinda Marrian

Every month Perdeby reviews some of the latest Apps that we think can make life just a little easier or a little more fun. This month we will be reviewing Cognition 2.0, Animal Crossing Pocket Camp and MyTherapy.


Cognition 2.0

Rating 4/5

Cognition 2.0 is an updated version of Cognition Online App that we reviewed last year. The app connects students and tutors to one another instantly. Students can request a lesson in a particular field and tutors can see a list of potential students in their area of specialty. The update offers more than just Grade 4 to 12 subjects and now includes university subjects and driving lessons.

It takes less than five minutes to sign up as a tutor or a student. Students have to add basic information and their location while tutors have to take photos of important documents like their ID and a copy of their highest qualification. Tutors will then be verified and this may take one to two days. As a student, it is very easy to request a lesson and for university subjects you can add the module code. Students can also chose a price range that best works for them. As a tutor you are able to view the students in your area and make an offer on the lesson. In general, the app is very helpful and easy to use. However, because the app depends on the demand for lessons, tutors may have to wait for students if their subjects are a bit specialized. Nonetheless, it’s a really good app to use for students who want to make a little extra money by tutoring and for students who need extra help.

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

Rating 4/5

If you loved Animal Crossing as a child prepare to fall in love yet again with its’ miniature sized, mobile friendly companion. It’s all the fun of Nintendo except without the Nintendo itself. All you need is a cellphone and an hour or four to be drawn into the quirky and inarguably adorable world in which the animals and your soon to be avatar live in.

Pocket Camp is pretty similar to the original versions of the game in terms of mission, make friends with the villagers by doing whatever small task they ask of you and earn bells to make your camp the best camp that any camp has ever and will ever be. However, a whole different range of fun, procrastination-attracting activities are now present, such as different elements from all the Animal Crossing games and their worlds including visual features, aspects from Home Designer and a more interactive quest like nature.

The game offers hours of entertainment and the graphics are top notch especially for a mobile phone game. The downside, while the game offers a free trial, it will eventually end up charging you a fee after the trial has run its course. Which, if we’re being honest, kind of feels like being dumped after only a week of dating.

However, if you’re a lover of Nintendo’s work and feel the need to travel to another world just for a while in between class, indulge your younger self, give it a whirl and make the decision as to whether it’s worth your cash.


Rating 4/5

The year is 2018 and as far as the world is concerned in terms of, well being better, it’s definitely not the worst time to be alive.

We may not yet have flying cars or space houses resembling the Jetsons’ but technology is not the only thing that matters when it comes to progression. Humanity is just as, if not more, important. Accepting others and accepting ourselves and more importantly wanting better for others and ourselves is really the marker of progression. And that starts with mental health.

The app under review this week goes by the humble name of MyTherapy, and here’s why it’s important and you should know about it.

  1. It reminds you to take your medication. More like in an “it’s okay that you need to take this to feel better” kind of way. And thanks to the app, you can use this for both your physical and mental needs.
  2. It connects you with your therapist. Because why should you need to travel long and far to have a professional check in on you?
  3. It utilizes assistive technology which means visually impaired students can use the app too.
  4. It’s pretty motivating. It literally monitors your health and wellbeing in a super caring way. Kind of like a mom in your pocket.
  5. Being a student is tough. Being a person is tough. There’s no reason not to make it all a little easier.
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