Every week Perdeby sends their journalists to experience something out of their comfort zones. This week Sally Hartzenberg attended Boksaand 2017.
Entering the 012Central building on the evening of 21 September the air was electric, as the students from Maroela Residence were preparing for the annual Boksaand event. The event that started in 1998 in Maroela’s recreational hall has since held the reputation for being thrilling, outrageous and exciting. The students surrounding the boxing ring were all on the edge of their seats as Maroela boxers battled it out for the win. The contenders, ranging from all social backgrounds, brought their A-game to the ring with some training as far as two months prior to the event. An action-packed night unfolded as the first bell rang through the building.

Various matches were so intense, with gloves swinging through the air at immense speeds, that one could not help but hold their breath in anticipation. Each unpredictable outcome lifted the crowd to their feet, roaring with admiration. The entire experience was outrageous and exhilarating. Although it might risky to allow amateur boxers to participate in such a dangerous sport, the necessary precautions were taken to ensure the safety of all the participants with medical aid on standby. It may be suggested that the event is absurd, as participants put their bodies on the line in front of hundreds of people for a few minutes of fame, but there was something greater at play, as the camaraderie between the participants seemed to grow stronger after each successive fight. In some instances, friends fought against each other, leaving numerous spectators torn in their support.

After a suspenseful few rounds of heart stopping action, regardless of the outcome, both fighters stepped out of the ring with a sense of victory, as their brotherhood had been solidified. Furthermore, with cheap drinks, good music and an enjoyable atmosphere, it is truly an event that should not be missed in the upcoming year.

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