Rebecca Woodrow
Every week Perdeby sends their journalists to experience something different and exciting. This week Rebecca Woodrow attended the DeepRoots Night Market in search of food and fun.

Putting together a paper every week is a task to which our editorial is accustomed, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t taxing on top of all the responsibilities of life outside the paper. So, when my lovely editor asked if a member of the Online Content team could cover this night market on the same Friday an issue was being completed I was happy to help. Also, this journalist is night biased and market biased.

The location could not have been more ideal because the CBC Old Boys Club on George Storrar Drive is so close to Hatfield Campus that even in late afternoon Friday traffic I didn’t spend forever behind the wheel.

The sports club has ample parking for those attending the market, enough that with the incoming queue of market-goers there were enough spaces to sooth my UP student parking anxiety.

The market takes place on a large sports field overlooked by the sports club terraces, and is secluded enough from the main roads that that the flow of traffic wasn’t at all evident. The stalls and picnic area are illuminated by lanterns and exposed light bulbs strung throughout the marketplace.

There was a pleasant variety of food choices available and I’ve enjoyed my times at the Neighbourgoods Market and the Fourways Farmer’s Market but the slightly overwhelming amount of vendors had left me spoilt for choice. This market had a comprehensive selection that won’t leave any craving unsatisfied, and no stall was overlooked as they are all easy to peruse (and manned by staff very willing to answer the questions of the person taking photos of their menus). Some of the foodstuffs available included authentic Greek shawarma, a selection of Indian cuisine, fresh spit roasts, churros, create-your-own milkshakes and both French and Belgian baked goods. A retail appetite can also be satisfied by the vendors of vintage clothing, leather bags, custom sneakers, craft jewellery and picnic blankets for the forgetful.

The sound technicians of the market were my new favourite people, having found a volume for their speakers that drew the ear but actually allowed for conversation and a mellow atmosphere that the music only aided.

All age groups were represented at the market and the light atmosphere of the place was soothing after a day crossing campus in buzzing mobile crowds. It allowed my mind to shift from wanting to make sure to report well on this experience, to actually experiencing it.

I think this market is a great addition to Pretoria living, and the weekend wake-up call I needed to learn to smell the roses.

For more information on the DeepRoots Night Market visit their Facebook page. 


Photo: Rebecca Woodrow

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