Exams are less than three weeks away and we know that many of us are already stuck with the terrifying exam stress. Perdeby went around campus asking our fellow students for some of their tips for dealing with exam stress:

Linda Khumalo (BCom Accounting Sciences)

I usually call my mom, because I know she’s just going to assure me even though I’m in the wrong. She’ll always be like “You’re great, I know you’re studying hard”, and I’ll be like “I’m busy watching series now”, but she’ll be like “It’s fine.” That’s how I deal.


Njabulo Makhathini (BCom Financial Science)

I feel if you’re prepared, you shouldn’t be worried that much. If you do all your work in small bits, as I try to do most of the time, I don’t see why I can fall short of anything. So, if you just keep consistent throughout the whole year, this is simply just a semester test period with a different name.

 Suhail Solim (BSc Actuarial Science)

I think that maybe we should take it just as it’s only exams. People take it bad when they make the exam the only thing that they have, but they have to see the bigger picture, that an exam is only an exam. So, life will give you other opportunities, you have to think about it as well. It helps me, that’s how I perceive it.


Chris Opperman (BSc Biotechnology)

The most important for me is to start early. Prepare early and be in class. It’s very important to make notes […] and to get some extra hints from the lecturers, [as to] what you can expect in the exam. 

Tendani Rambane (BCom Accounting Science)

I feel like when you’re stressed with exams, the key is not to put too much pressure on yourself. If you have the time, just take a little bit of time off. Not everything should be focused on studying. And have a proper study schedule where you also schedule in breaks and non-study times.

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