The opening track, “Aquel ruido”, starts off with a Middle-Eastern atmosphere, with the slow quivering sound of a saw and mandolin, quickly moving into an upbeat jazzy use of a trumpet.

The jazz trumpet continues through to the next track, “The dachshund and the weasel”, starting off with a flowing solo with percussion flourishes. As the pace increases, a variety of instruments are introduced. With particular emphasis on castanets and vocals, this track has a strong Spanish feel to it.

“Clapham junction” has an interesting use of clapping within the track, giving it a Spanish castanet-like quality. This track has a good combination of jazz, Spanish and Middle- Eastern styles coming through at different points and blending well together.

“Calle del aire” is an adaption of a Romanian love song, with the vocals translated into Spanish. Low vibrating notes accompanied by slow chant-like vocals give the track an Arabic feel. Throughout the track, the pace and intensity build and it contains flourishes from many different percussion instruments.

With such a wide variety of musical influences, Gypsy-style dress and belly dancing incorporated into performances, Ottoman Slap is unique to the South African music scene. Idiomatic offers listeners an unusual musical experience with a refreshing twist.

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