While Oppi is generally synonymous with the consuming of copious amounts of alcohol, don’t forget to eat real food and drink plenty of water. It’s also a good idea to bring some sunscreen, unless your aim is to cultivate a less-than-fashionable sock-tan.

Another must-have for your Oppi wardrobe is closed shoes. Yes, the Dustbowl is the perfect place to bring out your inner freewheeling flower child, but if you want to avoid Wondhoek (the Oppi medical tent), wearing proper shoes is the way to go.

The festival-goers at Oppikoppi are generally the nicest people you will ever meet. By all means, meet new people and make new friends. However, you might run into some folks who are downright creepy. It is in cases like these that the buddy system works quite well.

If a random, drunk and obviously lost person shows up at your campsite, be nice and offer them a seat and some coffee. Someone will come by to claim them soon enough.

Most importantly, have fun. After being cramped in a car with your mates and struggling to find space for your feet between the vodka bottles and wet wipes, you deserve to relax and enjoy a memorable, music-filled weekend.


Photos: Brad Donald and Hendro van der Merwe

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