Why the decision to recreate the age-old Cinderella story for modern audiences?
I think we live in a world and century where everything is progressing and moving on. [Things are] becoming better, bigger and wider. We have to move with the flow, otherwise we are going to get sidetracked. Everyone knows the classic Cinderella story, so I thought it’s time we do something new with the story.


Will the songs used in the production be original, or will existing, popular music be used?

Existing popular music [was used], music everyone knows and enjoys listening to. Most of our songs are from Warner Premiere in Hollywood, specifically written with the script for this production. [We also used] songs like “Love me like you do” by Ellie Golding and “Uptown funk” by Bruno Mars.


What are your aspirations for the production as a whole?
My aspirations for this production are that it will achieve greatness and be an amazing success, that the audience will enjoy it as much as I have enjoyed it, that this production can hopefully open doors and opportunities for the cast and people involved, and that they can learn something and walk away with something out of this.

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