Olympus and Jasmyn participated in the tournament’s final. Willem Landman, Stephan Sass and Michael Beckenshrater represented Olympus. Lebohang Mathebula, Anelisa Songca and Gloria Amoah represented Jasmyn. Jasmyn was the only female residence that participated in the knockout-phase of the tournament. The teams debated the topic “There is no state duty to protect individuals from themselves.” Olympus was in favour of the motion and Jasmyn was against the motion. The final was judged by members of STUKU, the UP Debating Union, as well as members from Debat Vereniging.

Olympus were crowned champions, with Jasmyn finishing in second place. Sonop finished third and Mopanie placed fourth. Renate Schoeman, from Curlitzia, was crowned the best female speaker and Franciscus Crouse, from Sonop, was crowned the best male speaker.