The story of John Lennon and Yoko Ono is a romantic, yet tragic one. The couple were married for 11 years during which they partook in anti-Vietnam War protests and recorded albums together such as Unfinished Music no. 1: Two Virgins and Unfinished Music no. 2: Life with the Lions, the former being sold in a brown paper bag due to its controversial album cover, which depicts the couple in the nude. Ono was devastated by Lennon’s assassination in 1980, and she carries on Lennon’s legacy by still being a peace activist today.

Perhaps the most famous couple in the music industry today is rapper Jay-Z and R&B singer Beyoncé. The two acted as a couple on a crime spree in the music video for the 2002 Jay-Z song “Bonnie & Clyde,”that sparked rumours of a relationship. Jay-Z also appeared in the 2003 Beyoncésong “Crazy in love.” The two artistsgot married away from the public eye on 4 April 2008. They couple have a daughter called Blue Ivy Carter.
These are only a few of the musicians that have managed to create great music and establish strong family ties without sacrificing their love or their talent.


Illustration: Johann van Tonder

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