Kamlongera says that the focus of the new EC is moving forward. He aims to do this by giving attention to community engagement, energising Tusho projects and encouraging non-residence students to become active in TuksRag initiatives. He has taken steps to implement his vision by splitting the portfolio of Tusho projects between four EC members.

The TuksRag debutante programme is also in the process of being revived. Kamlongera feels that the programme needs to be restructured to focus on training students in a way that is fun, but that at the same time allows them to encounter community service. He believes that this will allow for a more wholesome experience that sees the implementation of sustainable projects and not just fundraising.

The programme is also set to be renamed through a competition that encourages students to provide suggestions. These suggestions should encompass the new perspective and aims of the programme, explains Dr Rina Wilken, Head of Student Development in the Department of Student Affairs (DSA). The person who submits the best suggestion will win R1000.

The new EC were selected through an application process that was facilitated by the DSA and the remaining EC. Applicants were required to submit a written application and attend an interview, after which candidates were shortlisted. The current 2014/2015 TuksRag EC’s term will end in October this year.

When asked about the new Rag EC, Dr Wilken expressed positivity over the new leaders. Wilken emphasised that the focus was on moving forward and indicated that she saw that the new EC grasped this through their enthusiasm and passion for their portfolios.

The EC attended a planning camp this past weekend and Dr Wilken said that before the camp she was already pleasantly surprised with the team’s new ideas and that she was optimistic about what they will achieve over the next six months.


Photo: Stephan Stander

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