Prof. Adendorff explained that the existing area was previously occupied by several buildings and trees. In demolishing the existing buildings, UP had to comply with heritage laws. Prof. Adendorff explained that her department removed as few trees as possible, and followed a rule whereby three new trees were planted for each tree that was removed. The area is currently being renovated to include adequate surfacing and fencing. Once it has been completed, it is expected to provide parking space for roughly an additional 100 vehicles.

The interim bus terminal will be moved over onto parking lot H29 until the interim terminal has been upgraded. The upgrades include surfacing of the area and construction of a shelter where students can wait for busses. To cater for the increase in traffic expected from the additional parking, plans are also under way for increasing the capacity of the Duxbury turnstile gates. The construction of the new parking area is expected to be completed in May this year with the new bus terminal to be completed by August 2017. While the addition of the parking lot will aid in alleviating the parking issue around campus, students are reminded of the park and ride facilities between Hatfield and Hillcrest campus and Hatfield and Groenkloof campus. All park and ride times are available on the UP website.

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