According to Deputy Director of Facilities Management, Marcel Theron, the construction of the new parking space is part of a project to provide a better bus service to students. “Without a proper bus terminus, the busses providing transport to and from the park-and-ride facility, as well as transporting students to and from other campuses, previously had to park on pavements around the Hatfield Campus,” said Theron. “After demolishing two old houses on the corner of Duxbury and Hilda Streets, a new parking lot has been constructed on this land,” he said.

Theron added that this space would provide 150 new parking bays for students to use on the verge of Hatfield Campus. Students currently parking in the southern part of the H29 parking lot will now be able to park in the new parking lot, while busses currently using the northern part of the H29 parking lot will move to the southern part. After completion of the bus terminus on the northern part, the busses will then move back to this new terminus and free up the southern part for student parking.

Photo: Kaylyn O’Brien