What do you think the expectations were for your set at Oppikoppi this year?

High energy [and] a lot of jumping around. We [played our] classic stuff and we’ve got a new album coming out [in September], but we [didn’t] play anything from that. We just [played] the things we hope people recognise [and] which have been on TuksFM, who have been great to us.


What can fans expect from your upcoming album?

It’s very different. It’s quite down-tempo compared to what we’ve done before. There’s more singing because I [will be] doing a mix of spoken word and singing. [Although] it’s different, it’s still a New Academics album and [it will] hopefully still be raw enough so that people can connect with it.


Would you say that your sound on the new album shows a certain level of growth compared to your previous work?

We haven’t been a band for a while and we are only playing [together] again now, so we’ve all gone through a lot of big life and musical journeys in the meantime, so it is very different. [We’ve] grown. Whether it’s a positive or a negative growth will remain to be seen.


Has there been anything special regarding the album’s recording process so far?

We came into it with more experience than in the past. We’ve all been doing music [related] things in the meantime, so we’ve learnt quite a lot and it’s given us a platform and other connections in the industry, [and the opportunity] to work with people we maybe wouldn’t have worked with before. You aim for certain things – there’s the music you like and the music you make, which aren’t necessarily the same thing. I’ve come to accept that about myself and I’m not trying to change that anymore. I’m not trying to sound like [other musicians].


What does it mean to the band to have played at a big event like Oppikoppi’s 21st birthday?

We haven’t played at Koppi for about six years, so it [was] fantastic to come back [again]. We’ve still been involved with Koppi in that we’ve played in other guys’ [bands], and last year I came as a normal festival-goer. I stayed in Mordor and had a great time. For me it was fantastic to be able to come back this year as a performer and be involved in the festival and not just be an onlooker.


Photo: Shen Scott

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