“Fog” was influenced by Anthony Johnson and a band called Smog. But at the time I felt that I was starting to get good at guitar, well by my standards. I wanted something melodically strong and simplistic guitar. It’s about my mom, basically, and my parents’ marriage. It’s about being at the end of your tenure. There’s a part that goes, “Come on”, because come on, how much more can you really take?

My Jonathan:
“My Jonathan” and “Tabula Rasa” are about the same person. Again, a fight but I’ve realised that the sarcasm has not worked and I’ve completely ruined this relationship. I came to a place where some things I have to do because I’m hungry. You’re not hungry, but I have to and you are going to have to understand. And he did understand that. It’s a very emotional track for me and I always close the show with it. It’s saying, “We might not be as close as we have been in the last two or three years, but you will always be in my life and I will always love you.” That’s why it ends screaming.

The Dead:
“The Dead” was written for a band of mine that I was playing in. It was a band called The Idiots. I think we were a post-punk new wave band. At that time I was very into R.E.M. If you listen closely to the strumming, I only got it now actually, but I was also into a band called Wire at the time, to an album called Chairs Missing. We were very influenced by that so when I wrote the track, I presented it to my band, it was for them. When the band dissolved, it was the only track that I took with me. Interestingly enough, it was also slightly written about the same person on “Tabula Rosa” and “My Jonathan”. Wow, he’s all over. He’s my brother, man. I wouldn’t be where I am right now in life in general if it weren’t for his support, so I honour him in this album.


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