The film highlights the perspectives of two different individuals, a rich white man with all the possessions money can buy and a below-middle class black man who is trying to make enough money from his car-wash business to move his family out of their gang-riddled neighbourhood. The movie, however, fails to develop this intriguing premise of class division in society and ends up poking fun at racial stereotypes. It goes so far as to introduce an all-white racist motorbike gang and an all-black gang who perpetuate gang violence in America. What viewers get instead is juvenile humour that will insult the intelligence of savvy viewers. The movie gets most of its humour from prison stereotypes, and as much as some jokes will definitely make you laugh, there are only so many times you can make light of prison violence and rape before it starts to lose its humour or become offensive.

Get Hard is definitely not an original movie, and it does not shy away from this fact. It does try to innovate by introducing an investigation aspect to its storytelling, however this section of the movie is not set up well and ends up being anticlimactic. The movie does have its positive aspects. Ferrell and Hart play their respective roles perfectly, creating brilliant chemistry between the two characters. However, this relegates the supporting characters’ to just providing more attention and back-story to the two protagonists. The soundtrack is another excellent aspect of the movie, with familiar songs utilised at just the right moments to evoke certain emotions from the viewer.

Get Hard is a sub-par comedy that wastes its potential on tired gags and offensive stereotypes. The acting and soundtrack are surprisingly good and you will get a few laughs out of the movie, but this is not enough to make up for its lack of originality and entertainment.




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