The new decade
The start of the new decade 2020 was marked by the COVID 19 epidemic. Africa’s story has been different for the other parts of the world, with the majority more afraid of the economic impact the epidemic will cause than the COVID 19 virus. This is the time when great ideas are born, it’s the time to test our flexibility and adaptation as the environment changes. The greatest ideas are born in the midst of adversity. Be on the look-out for any service that you can render and any problem you can solve and be rewarded with revenue.

Black Lives Matter
It is evident that a series of recent events have sparked an uproar as people are reflecting on an issue that has been present for a long time. It is important that The Black Lives Matter not to be seen as an attack on anyone or race. It is a moment where we should reflect on how we treat people different from us and acknowledge where there is unfairness. Unity and love is crucial especially at the time we are in and going forward as a nation.

Thank you for your time and wishing you the best in whatever you are going through, there is a ray of light at the end of the tunnel.

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