Welcome to the start of real life. Isn’t that what most people would say to a first-year student?

Truth be told, your high school years will fade into obscurity in comparison to the life lessons you will acquire over the next three to four years. But even this will only serve as a foundation to life after the fun and games of university.

A lot of emphasis will be placed on the achievements that you need to pursue during your time as student. If I could give you one piece of advice then it would be to live to your own standards and no one else’s. Obviously, should your standards be to simply scrape by in life, you won’t amount to much anyway and you are probably wasting your time here. Be the best that you can be and take in as much as you can from this experience. The academic element of university and the degree that you receive at the end of your studies doesn’t qualify you as anything. It is merely a tool that is handed to you while all of the other experiences that you encounter at university are what truly gives you the skills for post-student life. That is why it is important to get involved. There are tons of societies, day houses, service providers and activities to join and partake in.

I further ask of you not to be naive during your time here. Don’t blindly follow, think for yourself. You were smart enough to be granted access to this institution so don’t be a follower, lead. Listen, observe and encounter as many people as possible. Don’t live in a bubble. Don’t take political parties on campus for the absolute truth. Everyone pushes an agenda. You are the future of this country and we are in dire need of thinkers and leaders.

Keep this editorial and read it again once you graduate. Perhaps then you’ll understand what I am on about.

Enjoy this publication and let us know what you want to see on these pages. If you’d like to be part of this extraordinary team keep a lookout for an application form in February and again in August. This is the largest and greatest student publication in South Africa and it is yours. We will entertain and inform you throughout the year and should you encounter any of our journalists, photographers, designers, subs or editors, buy them a drink. They deserve it.


Carel Willemse

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