Francois “Lorrie” Joubert was up against Gerhard Farrel in the final round. Joubert, from Maroela, was crowned the overall champion. The winner of every round won a case of beer and a bottle of Richelieu brandy, sponsored by SAB and Richelieu respectively. The overall winner won two cases of beer, a case of Richelieu and the prestigious title.


Those who didn’t box could share in the fun by participating in a Red Bull photo competition and mechanical bull riding.


The event was hosted by Maroela as part of one of their annual cultural events in collaboration with Vividus Ladies. Maroela organiser and Internal Social HK member Burger Fouché said, “The evening required hard work and a lot of arrangements, but the success of the event made everything worthwhile.” Boksaand is a long-standing tradition that promises to get bigger and more successful each year. This year more than 1000 people attended the event. Alicia Fick, a first-year medical sciences student, said that it felt like a real boxing event and that there were high levels of anticipation and energy. Fick said that people even started to climb on the surrounding tables to get a glimpse of what was happening inside the boxing ring.


The lively music, hotdogs and beer ensured an energetic vibe. Boksaand T-shirts were available and will be memorabilia of a successful event. The funds raised will finance future projects hosted by Maroela.



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