Afriforum’s Charl Oberholzer is the new SRC chairperson for 2011. He spoke to Perdeby about what students can expect during his tenure as chairperson.

Oberholzer has been involved in politics since his second year and is currently doing his honours in buisness and communication management.

He was on the Student Representative Council in 2008 and was vice-chairperson in 2009. “I am very happy the elections ran smoothly, not like last year when the elections were disrupted. A record amount of students voted this year,” said Oberholzer.

Oberholzer added that the aims for 2011 will be discussed at the next Student Parliament meeting; but broadly they want to draw up a Student Rights manifesto so that students will know their rights. Oberholzer also said that personally he is especially concerned with preserving Afrikaans and residence traditions.

He wants to keep the promises that AfriForum made during their campaign. AfriForum won a majority in parliament and therefore had the power to form a coalition with other parties and remove remove SASCO.

He said that they wanted to remove SASCO because they disrupted the elections last year and they did not care about respecting the process.

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