A North-West University honours graduate, Richard Drevin, was reported missing from Hatfield Square on 3 March 2012. His body was found last week Tuesday at the Tshwane District Hospital.

According to Brooklyn SAPS Officer, Annabelle Middleton, Drevin (23) was out with friends at Hatfield Square on Friday 2 March. He apparently told them that he was quickly going to meet a friend but then never returned.

Three suspects were arrested for possession of Drevin’s cell phone and appeared in court last week. The three men informed the police that they found Drevin, slightly disoriented, outside the Square and offered him a lift, which he accepted.

SAPS officials who were monitoring the area, later found Drevin passed out on the corner of Festival and Pretorius Street. An ambulance then escorted Drevin to the Tshwane District Hospital, at approximately 03:00 on Saturday morning, where he died at 06:00.

Middleton revealed that Drevin was not murdered, and that there was no evidence tying the three men who were arrested to his death. The exact cause of death is still under investigation.

Drevin’s friend, Francois Hay, told Beeld that when he had tried to call Drevin, a stranger picked up the phone and asked for money. According to Middleton, this was not a ransom threat and it is not yet apparent whether it was even abduction.

According to Middleton, the SAPS suspect it might have been a case of impaired judgement: “Being drunk on licensed premises, being drunk in public, driving under the influence and selling liquor to an intoxicated person are all serious offenses that may ruin the rest of your life. Responsibility starts with you and stays with you,” said Middleton.

All charges have temporarily been dropped, until further investigation is conducted.


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