For many new students making friends can be a daunting experience. Fortunately Tuks has various societies to suit everyone’s interests.

“Bottle Bond” is a description coined for people who make friends while sharing a few drinks. A way of doing just that at Tuks is with the Wine Tasting Society. This society brings the vineyards to Pretoria. Throughout the year various South African winemakers showcase their wine on campus.

Alternatively, the newest society, TuksParkour, is perhaps the most intriguing for students that seek unconventional ways of having fun. Parkour is a physical movement discipline focused on overcoming obstacles while in motion. Member of TuksParkour Derrick Lanor said he felt welcomed from the first day as people get individual attention as long as they are willing to put in the effort. TuksParkour is fast becoming popular on campus partly due to its founder and chairperson Kenji Murapa, who has won several competitions such as the Mr Price Pro Balito Parkour.

If extreme sport is not for you there are other social societies such as the Onderstepoort Fly Fishing and Angling Society (OFAC). Chairperson Ian Gibson describes OFAC’s motto with a quote, “Fishing is life, the rest are details.” The society’s aim is to enjoy nature and fishing while hosting parties and events, including a weekend trip of trout fishing in Dullstroom.

Students can also enjoy nature by joining the Onderstepoort Riding Club (OPRC) where all beginners and horse lovers are welcome to learn more about competitive racing. Members are allocated a pure-bred Nooitgedachters horse for the year.

A way to capture all your university moments could be by signing up for the Photographic Club. They strive to create an interest in photography for both experienced photographers and for students who want to join the club as a hobby. They have annual photo competitions and offer a course in Photoshop for their members.

The university also has a wide variety of academic societies in each faculty which provide academic support and opportunities for networking with other students from different fields.

Social societies such as Chinese at Tuks (CATS) strive to bring together people of Chinese and non-Chinese descent through social interaction. Chairperson Rico Xu said, “We strive toward a society where we have fun together, help one another and celebrate one another’s success.”

The Uganda Society is open to all students as it serves to integrate everyone on campus. The society provides career guidance and gives students the opportunity to gain insight into their different career choices. All first-year students are welcomed with their annual first year braai where they are introduced to other members and people from other societies such as the Nigerian Student Society and Zimsoc. Despite their busy schedule, Chairperson Simon Simba maintains that they also take part in social events like bowling, park visits and go-carting.

For the more spiritual, there are religious societies such as the Association of Catholic Tertiary Students (ACTS), Campus Crusade for Christ and Muslim Student Association (MSA). Chairperson of MSA Mukhtar Yoonas Cassim assures prospective members that they are not radicals and that they serve to uphold unity and peace while spreading awareness about Islam. They have a broad social network and take part in community outreach programmes. The Campus Crusaders say that they are not a church and do not try to replace the church, but represent Jesus Christ by teaching students about God’s truth.

All the societies are registered under the Student Representative Council (SRC). Any student should feel free to register a new society by contacting an SRC representative.

For a full list of Tuks societies go to www.

Photo: Eleanor Harding

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