You’ve recently released the singles “Fire” and “Someday”. Are you happy with the success they’ve had so far?

The radio play has been great, especially for “Someday”. ECR [East Coast Radio] and KFM have been great, so I’m really grateful for that and people seem to like it. “Fire” has just been released, so it’s too early to say but there seems to be a healthy hype around it so far. I have big ambitions for my music, so it’s hard to be happy about the success of my music when I look so far ahead. I enjoy the journey and thank everyone and God for getting me this far because I know I won’t be successful on my own.


“The river” has received over 30 000 views on YouTube. Did you ever expect the song to be so successful?

Not at all. Not even close. I…was happy with 2000 views, [so] 30 000 has gone so far past what I thought was possible. It’s crazy. I wrote that song in my garage oblivious to the doors it would open and how it would speak to people. It means a lot to me that people have responded to it so well.


In 2014, you opened for The Lumineers. What was that experience like?

It was [amazing]. Seed Experiences treated us really well. We felt like rock stars, and of course the Lumineers were unbelievable. I learnt so much just watching their set and talking to them. They really opened my eyes, and they were so down to earth and really nice. [It was] by far [one of] the best live experiences I’ve [had] and I’m so grateful to have been a part of it.


Do you have a specific song-writing process or is the process different for every song?

I’m still learning a lot about songwriting and how I like doing it, so it’s different all the time. Sometimes I have a cool [lyric] and write a song around that. Other times I have a cool melody and let the song flow naturally and figure out what the song could be about, but I do find that I enjoy telling stories in my songs, so writing stories like “Someday” and “The river” have been my favourite writing experiences.


What’s next for you? Are there any prominent performances in the pipeline?

I will be doing some album launches in Jo’burg, Durban and Cape Town, so I’m looking forward to that. [I am] playing at Splashy Fen for the first time too, and there [are] many other [performances] in the pipeline. I really enjoy playing live and meeting people, so I’m [going to] play wherever I can and as often as I can.


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