The new study centre, shared between Magrietjie and Madelief, was officially opened last Tuesday.

Head of Residence Affairs and Accommodation, Professor Roelf Visser, oversaw the project and said that he is very excited for the girls to finally be able to use this new facility. The study centre has officially been named M2 as a sign of the integration between these two residences. Vanessa Mphathi, Magrietjie HK for Academics, said, “There is no Magrietjie or Madelief here. [The girls] must come only with the aim of studying.” Madelief Primaria, Lidalize Grobler, commented, “It’s nice that we can do this together and keep the sisterhood together.” The aim of M2 is to provide the girls with a convenient, quiet and safe study environment that does not require walking to and from the library on campus late at night. M2 is open 24 hours a day. “I am one of the library studiers and will definitely be using this facility,” said Magrietjie Primaria Esbe van Zyl. Prof Visser said, “I think it’s great. It’s a lovely new space and a safe study environment.” Prof. Visser also told Perdeby about plans to implement similar study centres at other university residences. He said that facilities have already been provided at Onderstepoort and Maroela and are “working well”. A hub is planned for Erika, Klaradyn, Jasmyn and Asterhof to share, incorporating a study centre into the already existing dining hall. There are also similar plans for the four residences on the Groenkloof Campus.

Photo: Eleanor Harding

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