The EP opens with a slow and honest track entitled “Beast (stay hungry)”. The song flaunts Kruger’s distinctly natural vocals which have a pensive sweetness to them. This is further intensified by the song’s soothing guitar accompaniment.

The EP’s second track “Wish the wild away” adds to the open, authentic style of Kruger and The Lost Boys’ music. The song’s lyrics are profound and its measured melody compliments Kruger’s voice perfectly. The melody is peaceful, yet somehow still has a sinister undertone.

Kruger and The Lost Boys attempted to create a truthful, unpretentious atmosphere on this EP, and they have succeeded. The track “Amy, I’m lost” is one of the highlights on this short compilation, with its down-to-earth melody that switches from gentle to ominous and right back to gentle again in an instant.

The song “Bird of prey”, with its fantastical lyrics, transports listeners to a magical milieu only music can create. But even in this setting of unrestrained imagination there is a sense of calmness. The drums complement the melody like a perfect heartbeat on this unrushed track filled with make-believe.

“Cable loose balloon”, the EP’s final track, is relaxed and offers poetic lyrics and a repeated guitar sequence frolicking cheerfully in the background. The last song leaves the listener yearning for more. Lucy Kruger & The Lost Boys’ EP is an excellent release and the group is definitely on par with some of the big names in the SA music industry at the moment.


Rating: 5/5

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