Finally! Spring is just around the corner which means that summer is not far off either. Perdeby hit the streets of London to see what trends you should look out for this summer.

We tagged along on a shopping trip with Lindi Hingston – international model and co-owner of a chain of vintage clothing shops called Mythology, based in Cape Town.

In the world of fashion, the trends are set in the UK and Europe, with the main ones each season trickling down to the rest of the world, including here in South Africa.

We browsed Oxford Street – famous for its fashion shops like Topshop and H&M – to gather some inspiration. Young people in the UK live for making statements with what they wear and you can do the same by following their example. Lately, trends from the 1940s through to the 1990s are being combined, and the result is nothing less than spectacular.

This summer, Hingston says that the key word this season is vintage. Vintage clothing has been popular for a while now, but this season it is making even a bigger splash. If you can‘t find a proper vintage shop, try rummaging through your mother’s wardrobe – you never know what treasures you might find. If you still come up empty, don’t stress. We predict that by the time summer rolls around, shops in South Africa will be stocked with similar trends to those we’ve spotted in London.

First on the list is the maxi dress. They are extra versatile and can be worn with leather or denim jackets, which are all the rage at moment. Floral prints used to be old fashioned, but these days, they’re everywhere – and the more colourful the better. Mix and match wherever you can as this will make your outfit more unique.

Do you remember those high-waisted pants your mom used to wear in the eighties? Well, they’re back! Get a pair now, because soon everyone will be wearing them. High-waisted skirts and blouse tops with waist belts are a classic combination that could be worn anywhere.

Skinny jeans and printed T-shirts have also been around for a while, but again, this trend is still going strong. Adding a pair of wayfarers will give an indie twist to this look. Speaking of glasses, spectacles have made a surprising comeback. The bigger the frame the more likely you are to stand out. And why not? Get a pair!

Leather ankle boots, military jackets and anything from leather belts to leather earrings will definitely be huge this summer. And last but not least, get yourself a trilley hat and a tattoo, even if it’s just a temporary one.

As fashion history repeats itself, one thing has been made clear: anything goes this season. By following these tips you could definitely find a trend this summer that suits you.

Photos: Talita Calitz

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