South Africans have a healthy obsession with their bodies. It is becoming so common for young South Africans to work on their physiques that the third most subscribed South African YouTube channel, with 357 783 subscribers, is all about building that perfect beach-ready body.


Die Antwoord
South Africa’s king and queen of Zef culture clock in with 344 626 subscribers and counting. All their latest tracks and music videos can be found on their channel, Zefrecordz. The channel offers the raw and uncensored content that Die Antwoord are so famous for.


Trevor Noah
Everybody’s favourite South African comedian also dabbles in YouTube culture with his eponymous channel which has nearly 200 000 subscribers. Noah frequently posts short videos from his stand-up acts around the world.


This is the channel where you can find Puppet Nation South Africa videos. The channel features a parody news team of puppets, which are look-alikes of actual news presenters, who comment on current news in South Africa. Their humorous take on South African politics will provide hours of entertainment.


Illustration: Monrique Hennig

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