You worked on your previous album, Animal, entirely by yourselves in a secluded house just outside of Berlin. Do you hope to achieve the same independent purity with your next album’s recording process?
We know we will reach that purity, although what exactly will come out is a Pandora’s box to us. That’s a very big part of what makes producing albums in this way very exciting – we have no idea what will come out. All we know is that the environment we are in heavily influences what comes out of us musically. If we get any work done in between braaing, that is.

Were there any particular difficulties in the transition from recording in conventional studios to recording an album independently?
There were no real difficulties, as such. Only small challenges like: “How the hell are we going to fit drums in this room?”, “I have a tick sucking my blood in an uncomfortable place I can’t reach, can you remove it please?” or “How are we going to get electricity to the little shed for Beukes to record vocals?” The transition was completely natural for us.

The band’s members all come from very different backgrounds. Do you think this affects your sound in any way?
Yes, it definitely affects the sound of the music. People listen to different music and are influenced by different things in different countries, I think. The climate, culture and many other things play a role in what we listen to growing up and then how you express yourself, so it was a great experience when we got together and started making music for that reason, among many others.

You recently completed a live DVD recording of one of your performances in Hamburg. What was that experience like?
Initially quite stressful, actually. It’s less challenging doing something like that after being on the road for weeks performing every night, compared to planning and doing one night solely for that purpose, but we decided we want to do it like this and it was a truly amazing night. We played the show at the Knust in Hamburg, which has become somewhat of a home-venue for us. At some point the people in Hamburg took us on as their own and since then we have always tried to end our tours there, since it really feels like playing in front of your home crowd, so it just made sense to do it there. It was very special.


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