Letter to the Editor: I probably won’t vote


Good Day Shaun Sproule,

I want to begin by thanking you for being open to your decision not to vote and for the opportunity to “convince me otherwise”… challenge accepted.

I wanted to urge you to reconsider your decision to vote, as an editor I believe that you are also a leader, and role model and as such have social responsibility to set a good example to those readers who like you, don’t fully understand what it means to vote.

Those who voted before you did so in order to secure the rights you enjoy today; as well as the privilege “to exercise your right not to vote”.

In the same article dated 8/04/2019, you go on to say “be thankful for what you have, realise the importance of it and how fortunate you are…”. although this was in reference to your sisters graduation, Black African students who graduated alongside your sister on that day would not have been there if not for those who marched, protested and died for the right to vote.

Please, vote! Please encourage other PDBY readers and students to vote! If not for you, then do it for the rights of all those South Africans who need your vote in the future. “Help someone else advance in life”.


I sincerely PRAY you reconsider,

God Bless.



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