It came to surprise every Glaskas resident when the story about one of our residents was published in Perdeby on the 23rd August.

After carefully reading the article I realized that the story was far away from the truth. First, there is no student of our residence that has been expelled from the university in connection with the case. The sources consulted are unreliable and irrelevant.

Second, it states in the article that “he would masturbate whenever he saw a girl in a parking lot”. How natural and how realistic can a human being do that, because in almost every ten to fi fteen minutes Nerina girls uses our parking lot and he sees them.

Third, if the incident has been going since May and number of students saw him, which is an undeniable lie, why was the complaint lodged now. If it has been happening since then and they knew it was wrong they would have laid a complaint either to the house committees of Glaskas and Nerina or to the university earlier than now.

Nerina house mother Ms A de Beer issued a very contradictory statement; she can’t say the complaint was raised at the recent Nerina house meeting whilst she says the issue has been going on for a while. And why she did not do something about it then? Why does she see it as dangerous now? If this has been going on since May, as falsifi ed by Ms Zietsman (Nerina Sport Hk), and Ms Bes Liebenberg agrees that she has been offering counseling to these “traumatized” Nerina residents we would be happy to receive the records of such counseling from May to date.

Most of all the story was one sided and no member of our house, the accused and member of the university handling the matter were consulted prior to the publishing of the story. I stand bold to declare that no member of our house was involved in such alleged practices. What we had were tainted allegations which lacked concrete evidence and it has been proven by the verdict that found the accused innocent on the 30th August.

However, I still believe that his rights were violated according to the university Constitution, chapter 2 (Bill of Rights). The rights violated include the “right to equality”, in that he was unfairly treated and discriminated against, in as far as the proceedings of the case were concerned, as well as the “right to confi dentiality of student record”, as the case was promulgated to every student without consultation and consent of the accused and/or any of our house member.

I raised the question in our house meeting with the management, and again in person to Prof Speckman, that what long-term remedial measures will they adopt to cure this symptomatic racial segregation matter. Because it is crystal clear that this case indicates one of the symptoms which are highly likely to prevail in any society where there’s separation of one race from the other.

Thus, resolving this case did not help much, because in a short-run we will experience yet other symptoms related to this “racial disease”. It is of paramount magnitude that the university looks at such matters under careful magnifi ed glasses and deal with the infection rather than the warning signs. Vusi Ernest Maupa – Xayata (Glaskas/ Pastorie) Chairperson 2009/10

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