According to a representative from the South African Fire Services, Nortjé-Rossouw’s body was found on the roof of the sixth floor. Miller said that he does not know how the body was first discovered or whether video footage from cameras placed around the HB can provide any information, as he has not yet seen it.

Nortjé-Rossouw’s death has raised safety concerns. The plastic mesh covering the HB’s windows can easily be cut. As the Department of Security Services was not available for comment, it is unclear whether the department will introduce additional security measures to restrict accessibility to the higher floors of the HB.

Nortjé-Rossouw’s students were shocked by the news of his death. Jeanine van der Merwe, a final-year BCom Human Resources student, told Perdeby that, “He was amazing and everybody liked him. We saw him just before the holiday and then discussed how he looked sick.”

Shannon Petzer, a student and friend of Nortjé-Rossouw, said that, “Danny was ‘different’, but in a good way. He would sing and joke in class and the students enjoyed his classes because he enjoyed teaching us.”

Petzer added, “It really hurts knowing I lost someone who meant so much to me, but I’m happier that I actually had the opportunity of knowing him.”

Prof. JE Myburgh, head of the accounting  department, and Nortjé-Rossouw’s colleagues were instructed not to speak to the media.

Natasha Streicher, Nortjé-Rossouw’s cousin, said that his death was unexpected as he did not suffer from depression. Streicher said that he enjoyed being a lecturer at UP. The family has had to deal with the tragedy of suicide before, as Nortjé-Rossouw’s parents, brother and aunt all committed suicide.

Nortjé-Rossouw is survived by his partner Charl Nortjé-Rossouw, who declined to comment.

With additional reporting by Brad Donald.

UP has offered trauma counselling to all affected staff and students.
Student Support can be reached on their 24-hour crisis service number 0800 006 428 or 012 420 2310.


 Photo: Anele Mkung


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