Manamela also spoke about the difficulties that he has faced as a disabled student at university. He pointed out that obtaining study material can be difficult and spoke about the challenges he has faced since changing from a specialised school with less than ten students in a class to an institution with more than 200 students in a class. “[University] has never really been the [easiest], but it will probably be the most pleasant memory I will ever have in my life,” said Manamela.

Manamela’s inspirational speech was followed by an unplanned performance by two male members from the audience and Law House executive member Kamogelo Sono. The unplanned performance was as a result of the musical group Patson and the Booty Crushers’ inability to perform due to the absence of the group’s lead singer. Songs that were performed by the ad-hoc band were Marvin’s Room by Drake, which was “dedicated to all the guys stuck in the friendzone”, Sam Smith’s Stay with me, and Four Five Seconds by Rihanna. This impromptu performance was followed by Manamela’s performance of Feeling Good by Gilbert Price.

According to Law House deputy chairperson Phenyo Letlape, the event was successful despite a low turnout. Letlape also spoke about the “unscripted” and “crazy” performance. Letlape added that “having a formal event where people are serious about [things] is not going to help with catering to the well-being of people. We all need to laugh and smile at some point … it was different.


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