The opening months of 2010 have been packed with big releases and gamers across the board still have plenty to be excited about. April’s releases offer a diverse range of titles to choose from.

 FIFA World Cup 2010 (PS3, Xbox 360): The World Cup will be taking place this winter, but that doesn’t mean you have to wait for the official opening ceremony to start your own global conquest to conquer the trophy. The latest FIFA title was released in the latter half of April. One of the best features of this game is the online World Cup mode. You can battle against all 199 countries and their top players in this mode to win the World Cup for your favorite team. It’s all about national pride with FIFA World Cup 2010 and now is the time to prove it.

Dead to Rights: Retribution (PS3, Xbox 360): The original Dead to Rights game, which was released in 2002, has fallen off the radar in the current generation. Having a solid presence during its time, Dead to Rights mixed the gameplay of Max Payne with its bullet-time gamestyle, but featured a more robust single-player experience. The game has been treasured by many, but now it’s making a comeback with Retribution. This time around the game will have two playable characters, and a heavy focus on hand-to-hand combat and takedowns can be expected.

Iron Man 2 (PS3, PSP, Xbox 360, Wii): This game is based on the Iron Man 2 movie, and its release neatly coincides with that of the film’s release on circuit. Iron Man 2 will once again attempt to give players an extraordinary Iron Man experience. In the game, you can choose to be Iron Man himself – also known as Tony Stark, or play as War Machine, and engage in both ground and air combat. With an improved gameplay experience, new destructible environments, enemies not present in the film and innovative hand-to-hand combat, Iron Man 2 sets the virtual stage for the popular super hero.

Alan Wake (Xbox 360): This month’s most anticipated title is a psychological action thriller, Alan Wake. Players will be put into the shoes of Alan Wake, a best-selling writer who has been suffering from writer’s block for two years. He is taken to the small town of Bright Falls by his wife, Alice, and soon after they arrive, his wife vanishes seemingly into thin air. Wake finds himself trapped in a real life nightmare, as his latest work – a thriller he can’t even remember writing – comes true word for word. Wake must fight the darkness that has been unleashed on Bright Falls and find Alice before he meets his end. His only ally is the pages of his own book which serves to taunt Wake with what is going to happen next.

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