What would you attribute the team’s consistent performance to so far?

It is all about how we as players stick together as a team, whether we win or lose. If something didn’t go as planned, we always go back and try figure out a way to make it work. Teamwork is key.

How has the league developed your personal performance and the performances of the players in your team?
This tournament helped to develop and improve my big match temperament and overall performance on court. [It has also] developed me as player, which allows me to set certain standards for myself that I build on. This is a great, intense tournament that gives the players the necessary game time and exposure to improve as individuals, especially for [us] youngsters. It also exposes us to a level of pressure that we have to learn to perform under.

How do you plan to make this year different to last year?
I plan to make this year different by aiming for a 90 plus goal average, and actually believing that I can achieve it. I have changed the way I approach every match by setting certain standards for myself, and praying to God to play alongside me during every second of the match. At this moment I’m working toward making the u/21 SA team that will play the qualifiers for the Netball Youth Cup in Botswana.

What is the most challenging part of the tournament?
The most challenging part of this tournament for me is [trying to be] consistent in every match, especially while competing against world class defenders and playing at this level of intensity. So my consistency is definitely something I’m focusing on.

How have you found playing alongside experienced players such as Melissa Kotze and Lenize Potgieter? 

Well, it is every shooters dream to train and play alongside phenomenal players such as Melissa Kotze, Lenize Potgieter and even Lindie Lombard. They are world class shooters and I am privileged to be able to train and play with them. It is always a learning experience when I’m with them on court and off court, but the quality I appreciate the most of them is that they will always help you and teach you things that they gained during their experience. 
They have definitely contributed in developing me as a shooter. 

Have you enjoyed the travelling aspect of the competition so far?
So far I enjoyed the travelling because it allows us to play at different venues, and every venue has its own crowd and own atmosphere which only contributes to this experience.

How do you think a tournament like this prepares the Tuks players going into major tournaments such as the USSAs and Varsity Netball?
The Brutal Fruit Netball Premier League is the perfect tournament to build solid fundamentals in a netball career and is the perfect opportunity to prepare a player mentally and physically for tournaments such as Varsity Netball and USSA.



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