As for participation among the ladies’ residences, Klaradyn earned first place with 38% followed by Asterhof in second place and Erika in third. Klaradyn also won the day in terms of bonus points with a score of 505. Asterhof came second and Curlitzia third in this category. Klaradyn won the ladies event overall.

The men’s residences had their fair share of kaskar troubles with flat tyres, minor accidents, and penalties keeping many of the teams from performing optimally. Boekenhout had a strong lead for most of the race, but Mopanie did manage to slip by them at a crucial point in the race. At the end of the men’s race, Boekenhout placed first, Mopanie second and Olienhout third.

Sonop came first in the participation section with 73%. They also earned 861 bonus points – the most out of all the men’s residences. Second place for participation went to Olienhout and third place to Mopanie. Second place in terms of bonus points was also taken by Olienhout while third place went to Maroela. Sonop were the men’s overall kaskar winners.

Despite a late start, some technical difficulties during the time trials and the fact that all commentary during the event was in Afrikaans, making it difficult for some participants to understand what was expected of them, it was an enjoyable evening, marking yet another successful Tukkie Kaskarfees.

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