You perform in both English and Afrikaans. How do you feel your audience responds to this diverse use of language in your music?

The language of Kabaal Klankbaan’s shows and recordings is something that gradually and unintentionally changes, without me necessarily noticing. Luckily, a lot of people in Gauteng are just as bilingual as I am, and most of the time it isn’t a problem. However, it’s often nice to surprise audience members with one Afrikaans track hidden in an English set. It’s also nice to never be limited to what I can and can’t do (or cover), based on something as simple as language.

Do you feel that having a pay-what-you-want option for singles and albums, as you did for your “Player two” single, is something more artists should be moving towards?

Although I’ve been making music for a while, I still haven’t figured out the perfect way to release and/or sell music. I make traditional albums and sell CDs, but I’m also interested in experimenting, trying new things, and maybe someday coming across a perfect middle ground where I can be as happy as my audience. I also release some music for free, so there’s something to fit any budget. It’s great that technology allows pay-what-you-want pricing, and in my experience, it’s definitely something that can work well.

You will be playing at the Cool Inc. Tattoo Expo in October. What are you most looking forward to at the expo?

Sorry for my possibly clichéd answer, but for me, it’s hands-down the music. The organisers have arranged a brilliant line-up of bands, and I’ll definitely spend a lot of time [at] the stage. Secondly, I’m not really a tattoo guy, but I really enjoy good art – no matter what the canvas. So overall, I’m excited to see all the talent that’ll be on display.

How do you expect your folk sounds to be received at the expo?

In my experience, Kabaal Klankbaan’s folk-rock sound generally works well in festival or expo-type scenarios. It’s something that’s upbeat enough to work in the background, yet engaging and lyric-driven, so it also works if you want to chill in front of a stage for a while.

Your five-year anniversary since your first live performance is coming up. How do you plan on celebrating?

I’m very excited to have finally overcome my stage fright! We released a new album, Baptism, in June, but a few songs ended up being cut out of the final track-listing. I’ve decided that Kabaal Klankbaan’s fifth birthday would be the perfect opportunity to release those songs as a bonus EP. That’s five tracks, consisting of two alternate versions of album tracks and three exclusive Kabaal Klankbaan tracks. I’m specifically very proud of [the song] “I wish I could give you forever”, a duet with Shotgun Tori. Then, I guess I’ll have to start planning the epic party in 2020 to celebrate the next five years!

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