You’ve released your new single “Wonderful world” which is included on your new album. Is it a good reflection of what fans can expect from the album?
It’s quite a good indication of where we’re at at the moment, but it by no means reflects entirely what the rest of the record sounds like. There is something on this album for just about everyone and each song is a unique journey with its own message. We hope people will be able to hear the fun we were having when we made this album!

In just a few days your album entered the Top 100 on the iTunes SA music chart. Did you expect this sort of response from fans?
We had no expectation, so whatever happens to this album will be a blessing. We’re just stoked to still be doing what we love, knowing there is still a good chance we will touch people’s lives in a positive manner for years to come still.

You have a few shows left for the remainder of the year. Will fans be hearing much from your new album?
Every show we do from now on will feature most of the new album and a selective amount of songs that people have grown up to.


Image: Daniel Craig

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