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The Craft Beer Festival will take place on the 16 June at the Botanical Gardens, Pretoria. Among the performers that will be gracing the stage, one of them is Janie Bay, a South African singer-songwriter who released her latest album, Miscellany, last year September. In her preparation for the event, Perdeby decided to sit down with her to find out more about her upcoming performance, upcoming projects and more.


You have done an impressive number of gigs and you’ve toured all over the country for a few years, what is your favourite part about performing live?
Even though it is a vulnerable thing to share your own music, that is by far the most ful­fulling part of performing live. Sharing your heart and art is a privilege.


As a follow up to that question, is there anything you find terrifying about perform­ing in front of a live audience?
It is kind of the same answer. As amazing and rewarding as it is, it can be scary too.


You’ll be performing at this year’s Craft Beer Festival, what should your fans expect from this particular performance?
I will be performing my songs from my latest album with a full band for the first time. This is a very special thing for me.


What else from this year’s Craft Beer Fes­tival, aside from your performance, are you excited about?
I still have a few singles coming out with music videos from my album Miscellany. I will also be writing for a new album and will […] be doing another collab with a very awesome SA artist, another one of my dreams coming true.

Do you have any upcoming projects or shows in the pipeline that fans can look forward to?
Look out for that collab.


You once said in a channel24 interview that you’d love to collaborate with John Mayer or James Bay, but if you had to pick one person to go on tour with, who would it be?
Probably also Bay or Mayer. They are still considered as singer-songwriters [by] many and that is where my heart will always be.


Photo: Provided / imthecarpenter

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